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Jerry Fresia

07 Sep '07 - 08:36 by houck021

Interview with the American painter Jerry Fresia, author of ´Toward an American Revolution. Exposing the Constitution & Other Illusions´.

Jerry Fresia is a former U.S. Air Force Intelligence officer, who lives. works and teaches painting in Lenno. Italy. Almost twenty years ago he wrote that U.S. terrorism is not ´a deviation from Constitutional principles but rather the logical consequence of a system which protects the freedom of a handful of Americans to control a good deal of the earth´s resources and, correspondingly, the lives of millions of people scattered around the globe... We live in an undemocratic system that is a major sourvce of terror and repression, both at home and around the world. In large measure this is due to the tremendous concentration of unchecked corporate power.´ The American historian Howard Zinn wrote about Fresia´s book: 'Toward an American Revolution is a refreshingly bold look at the Constitution and early American history. It is rich with insight and makes astute connections between past and present. An important work for our time.´


Click here to listen to the interview


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